4 Ways A Full-Service Home Build Differs From A Typical Home Build

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Hiring professionals to build your ideal home is an exciting idea, but there are two rather different types of home builders: home builders and full-service home builders. Both of these service providers have something valuable to offer, but they are not the same. Take a look at some of the primary differences between the two. 

You will have the opportunity to propose your own house design. 

Do you have an idea about something non-traditional when it comes to a home? If so, working with a full-service home builder is definitely the better option. Most traditional home builders are going to have pre-drafted home designs to pick from. They may be able to deviate from those designs slightly, but most will not take on anything too out of the ordinary. 

You can be involved as little as you want to be. 

When you hire a home building company to build your home, there may be different ways in which your input will be required. While some clients do like to be involved in the process, many also like the idea of telling a company what they want and then just waiting for completion. With a full-service home-building company, you do not have to be involved at all if you do not want to be. You can simply tell the designer what you want, show them your prospective building site, and then approve whatever they come up with. 

You get the advantage of working with professional designers. 

Typically, homes are designed by a separate professional architect or designer and home building contractors do the work. The best builders can make some minimal changes to an existing design, and it will work out fine. However, if you want anything substantially different, you may have to pay additional money to bring in the help of a third-party designer. A full-service home building company is going to have their own designer on staff to help clients with their ideas about home configuration. 

You will have every last detail of the build handled, right down to the landscaping. 

One of the biggest differences between a full-service home build and a regular home build is you can expect every last detail to be handled. If you want to have a complete package when the job is done, including things like landscaping, a finished driveway, and even furniture if that's what you want, a full-service home builder is the better choice. 


10 July 2020

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