Family Expanding? Consider These Home Renovations To Grow Your House, Too

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When your family is expanding, the thought of moving to a larger house may be overwhelming. After all, it is extremely stressful and time-consuming to have to buy a new home, sell your old home, and go through the moving process. However, there are other options at your disposal. The following solutions are less expensive, less disruptive to your life, and simpler than moving to a brand-new home.

A Bathroom Addition

As soon as a family gets to a certain size, one bathroom just doesn't cut it anymore. With another bathroom in the home, bath and shower time in the morning—or evening—is sped up and long waits to use the toilet are eliminated. This particular renovation can make your home significantly more convenient and livable once your family size increases.

A Bedroom Addition

As more children are added to the family, you are likely to realize that you don't have enough sleeping quarters in the house. Adding a bedroom onto the home can provide you with sufficient space to keep up with your expanding family.

A Kitchen Remodel

For a number of families, the kitchen is where a lot of the action occurs for the entire family. Therefore, the remodeling of the kitchen can offer the space needed for one adult to prepare dinner while the other adult tends to the food on the stove and the kids do the homework at the bar counter or dining room table.

A Family Room Addition

A family room will provide an overflow space where the family can go when they aren't in their rooms or outside. It is a great space to read, chat, watch television, play video games, etc. This room can be used by the entire family together or separately.

A Seasonal Porch Addition

A seasonal porch installation is a versatile yet affordable addition to any home. It can be used almost year-round, depending on the climate in which you live. During the warmer months of the year, you can sit close to the screened-in panels and feel the fresh, gentle breeze without having to worry about insects eating you up. During the colder months of the year, you can add storm windows so that the space will soak up the warmth of the UV rays, allowing you to still enjoy the area without freezing.

The aforementioned suggestions can help your expanding family fit much more comfortably in your home without you having to worry about finding a new space to live in. For more information on what type of addition may suit you and your family, contact a home renovation contractor in your area.


15 May 2020

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