Go Beyond The Ceiling: How Under Cabinet Lighting Will Improve Your Life


If you don't have under cabinet lighting in your kitchen, it's time to make some changes to your home. Under cabinet lighting is a must-have for any kitchen, especially if you use the space a lot. Unfortunately, most people don't think about installing lighting fixtures under their cabinets. If you're not sure you need under cabinet lighting, take a look at the list below. You'll find four of the reasons many reasons you and your family need under cabinet lighting in your kitchen. 

1. Discourage Pest Activity

If you're worried about pest activity, now's the time to add under cabinet lighting to your kitchen. Pests tend to come out and forage for food as soon as the lights go out in your kitchen. With under cabinet lighting, you'll be able to keep the lights on all night long, which can help discourage pest activity, especially activity involving mice and roaches. 

2. Make Midnight Snacks Less Painful

If you and your family enjoy heading to the kitchen for midnight snacks, you need to install under cabinet lighting. The kitchen can be a painful place in the middle of the night, especially where your toes are concerned. Under cabinet lighting will ensure that you don't have to fumble around the kitchen for lighting while you're trying to grab a snack. Under cabinet lighting is also great when there's a new baby in the house. Bright overhead lighting can disturb your baby, while no light can make it difficult to make a bottle. Under cabinet lighting provides just enough light for those middle-of-the-night feedings. 

3. Ensure Better Illumination

If you use your counters for crafts or paperwork, overhead lighting doesn't always provide you with the right amount of lighting. Overhead fixtures tend to spread the light across a wider space. However, under cabinet lighting provides direct, targeted lighting, which ensures better illumination for your projects. 

4. Improve Energy Efficiency

If you keep lights on during the night, switch to under cabinet lighting. Not only do under cabinet fixtures provide you with the light you need for safety and security, they use less electricity than your standard light fixtures. That means you'll save money on your nighttime lighting. Not only that, but because under cabinet lighting fixtures use lower-watt light bulbs, they won't heat up as much, which will reduce the risk for fires. 

Get the light you need for all your kitchen tasks. Talk to your electrician about installing under cabinet lights in your kitchen. Or visits websites like https://www.jfelectricalcontractors.com/ to learn more.


17 October 2019

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