Why Cleaning Your Roof Is A Good Idea


Think your roof is something that does not require maintenance? If the roofing material is looking a bit dirty, it is actually a good idea to have it cleaned. Here are some benefits of having clean roofing material on your home.

Preventing Roof Damage

The main reason that you will want to clean your roof is to get rid of moss and algae that has formed on the surface. Even if you like the rustic look that moss provides, it can be contributing to your roof deteriorating. The roofing material underneath moss and algae will start to break down, causing a spot in your roof that can cause water to get inside. If moss and algae were able to easily form in the spot due to increased moisture and shade, it is likely to be a place where water will find its way through the roofing material over time. 

Extending The Lifespan 

Roofing material has a limited lifespan, which will only decrease if you allow a roof to become too dirty. The roofing material will lend up breaking down prematurely, causing you to replace the roof faster than you anticipated. Meanwhile, a clean roof can get a few extra years out of the material because it has not had as much wear from dirt and debris being stuck to the surface

Improving The Curb Appeal

Planning on selling your home? A dirty roof can say a lot about what the condition of your home will be like. Buyers may think that you have not maintained the roof, so other parts of the home have not been maintained as well. A buyer may even think that the roof will need replacement sooner rather than later because it looks bad, causing them to not consider the house due to a tight budget.

Avoiding A Void Warranty

Your roofing material likely came with a warranty that guarantees that the material will last for a specific amount of time, but it typically requires that you maintain the material to keep it in good condition. Having filthy shingles that need to be replaced prematurely could be blamed on you not cleaning the surface of the roof. Make sure you fully understand your roof's warranty and if cleaning is part of regular expected maintenance.

For more information on why it is important to keep your roof clean, speak to a residential roofing contractor at the time of your installation.


27 July 2019

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