Shingles to Metal? 3 Reasons to Change Your Roofing Material Now

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Becoming a homeowner comes with many benefits, but it also includes some hefty responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is watching for age and condition issues to develop in your current roofing. Another is making sure that you budgeted to replace your existing roof when the need arises. Homeowners who currently have standard roofing shingles and are interesting in making the switch to a material that will last longer in the future can experience several specific benefits, including the following three. 

Extending the lifespan of the roof

While roofing shingles are now manufactured to be more durable than their predecessors, they still do not last as long as metal roofing. In fact, according to information provided by a leading home improvement site, metal roofing can last up to four times as long as asphalt roofing shingles. For many homeowners, the installation of a metal roof may be the last roof replacement they will need to plan and pay for during their lifetime. 

Lowering home insurance rates 

Another excellent advantage for choosing to install a metal roof on your home is the potential savings you may see on your homeowner's insurance premiums. Many insurance companies consider metal roofing to be an impact-resistant roofing product when it has been overlaid onto an existing roof. This allows them to offer lower home insurance premiums to homeowners who choose to upgrade to a metal roofing product. 

In addition, homes that are located in areas where wildfires are a threat may also receive lower rates on their home insurance when replacing their current roof with a more fire-resistant metal one.

Enhancing resale value

Metal roofing is now available in styles and colors that can match most any visual design. Because of its more attractive appearance, as well as the benefits mentioned above, homebuyers are much more interested in purchasing a home with a metal roof than they were just a few short years ago. Prospective homebuyers have learned that purchasing a home with a metal roof may offer them much more freedom from concerns about ongoing roof maintenance and the high cost of replacing it. 

To learn even more about the many benefits of metal roofing and whether it is the best choice of replacement roofing for your needs, take time to consult with a reputable roofing contractor. These roofing professionals can help you determine the total project costs and any local considerations you should be aware of when making your decision.


6 February 2019

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