How To Prevent Water-Related Problems On Your Horse Property

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If you're a horse owner, you know that having a supply of water for your horses is very important. If a water-related problem pops up, then it can cause a lot of issues. These tips can help you avoid water-related problems on your horse property.

Install a Well

You can install a water well on your horse property to help make sure that you don't have any water-related problems. Without a well, you might be subject to water restrictions that can become a big pain when you have horses and a horse property to take care of. Because of your high water usage, you might save money on water by installing a well, too. Contact a company like Jamison  Well Drilling Inc to learn about water well drilling.

Have Plumbing Professionally Installed

Having plumbing professionally installed is always a good idea when you operate a horse property. You may need to have water lines run all over your property, and doing this yourself can be time consuming and can be difficult to pull off. You could make mistakes when installing plumbing that could result in leaks and problems. Opting for a professional installation of plumbing might be a little more costly, but it could help you avoid a lot of problems with water and plumbing later on.

Check Plumbing Occasionally

From time to time, check all of the plumbing pipes and fixtures on your horse property. Doing this can help you find any plumbing problems that might need to be repaired before leaks prevent you from having access to the water that you need for your horse property.

Have Large Water Troughs

It's definitely a good idea to invest in large water troughs for all of your horses. During the summer, your horses will probably drink a lot of water. Having bigger water troughs will help you make sure that they have plenty of water on hot days or on days that you might not be able to go out and check their water troughs as frequently as you normally would. You can purchase larger water troughs for this purpose, or you can repurpose other things into water troughs, such as old bathtubs.

Use Water Trough Heaters

In the winter, you have to worry about your water troughs freezing when the temperatures drop. Using water trough heaters is an effective way to prevent the water from freezing. This saves you the work of having to break up the ice, and it helps you make sure that your horses have access to drinking water all the time.


27 December 2018

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