4 Common Recycling Mistakes To Avoid


As an individual or business, you should make sure that you are recycling as many items as possible. Even when you rent a dumpster, you can still get recycling containers. If you need to, you can even rent an entire dumpster to recycle with.

Recycling helps reduce the amount of trash that you have to send out and can help the environment at the same time. As you start recycling, there are a few recycling mistakes things that you are going to want to make sure that you avoid.

#1 Don't Shred Your Paper

Do not shred your paper. Shredding paper is not helpful for the recycling process. When paper is shredded, the parts are so small, that when they get to the recycling center, they often don't even end up making it to the right places. It can end up mixed in with glass and other residue, making it impossible to properly recycle.

You should only shred paper if your garbage collect picked up paper recycling in a separate bin from your other recycling. If all the recycling is picked up together, avoid shredding regular documents and use a document shredding service for sensitive papers.

#2 Be Careful with Plastic Toys

Plastic toys are made out of different types of plastic than plastic bottles. Plastic toys generally have to be broken down at different melting points compared to plastic bottles. Do not put plastic toys in your general recycling bin. Recycling plastic toys in good shape to a donation center. For other plastic toys, take them directly to a transfer facility to have them recycled.

#3 Keep Out Plastic Bags

Do no put plastic bags in with your regular plastic recycling either. Plastic bags get caught in machinery and can clog up recycling machinery. Instead, gather up your plastic bags, and drop them off at places that collect and recycle plastic bags, such as grocery stores that have plastic bag collection centers.

Even better, cut plastic bags out of your life. Carry reusable bags with you at all times. Use reusable bags not just for groceries, but for all of your shopping needs. Over time, it will become natural to bring your reusable bags with you when you go shopping.   

#4 Pizza Boxes

Pizza boxes, although they are made out of cardboard, are not a candidate for recycling. The grease from a take-out pizza box, that soaks into the cardboard as the pizza sits in the box, makes it non-recyclable. When you have a pizza box, you can recycle the top and sides of the pizza box, but don't put the part of the box that has grease on it in the trash can.

Recycle all the paper and plastic that you can, but keep the common recycling mistakes above in mind so that you can have the more effective and correct recycling process possible. Recycling is for all businesses and individuals. Talk to a dumpster rental company for more information.


30 September 2018

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