3 Ways Your Windows May Be Causing High Heating/Cooling Bills

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Keeping your home well heated and cooled is expensive, so whenever you see your energy bills rising, it's important to find the cause. Many factors can cause an increase in energy consumption, such as an old furnace or ductwork, but many reasons your home is using too much energy is because it isn't well insulated.

Windows, in particular, are notorious for being poorly insulated, causing heat to pass right through. If you are sick of seeing your energy bills increasing, check out these three ways your windows may be causing your heating and cooling bill to rise.

1. They Aren't Well-Caulked

Windows, regardless of the material used, stretch and shrink when exposed to hot and cold weather. Different materials stretch and shrink more, but over time, this can cause small holes and gaps to appear around the window. In many cases, you can't even see the holes because they are so small and/or are covered by the window frame. 

Regardless, heat can still escape your home during the winter, causing you to use more energy than necessary to heat your home. An easy solution is to hire a contractor to seal around your windows with fresh caulk. Even if the windows were originally caulked properly, the caulk can deteriorate over time.

2. The Frame Is Old/Metal

Older window frames aren't the best at keeping heat inside the home. They may have been cheaply installed, making them drafty and flimsy, or they may simply be damaged from wear and tear due to age. This can cause small holes, which let hot air escape. 

The caulking contractor may be able to fix some of these holes, but some can't be corrected without replacing the window. A lot of older frames are also made of metal. Older metal frames are less energy efficient because the metal is exceptionally well at transferring heat. Newer metal windows have dampers installed to help stop the transfer of heat.

3. They Allow too Much Light to Enter

Having a lot of windows is a great feature of any home because most people love having natural light. However, some windows can cause too much light to enter, which quickly heats the inside of the house. Depending on the time of year, the location of your windows, and the number of windows, this can cause your home to get hot. 

To combat the heat, you have to use more energy, and in some cases, you may still be unable to reach a desired temperature. One way to fix this problem is with low-E coatings or energy-efficient windows. Energy-efficient windows are expensive because they have other features to fight energy consumption, but low-E coatings are an affordable covering you can add to any window to block invisible UV rays.

If you are sick of seeing your heating and cooling bills continue to rise, consider your windows. There are many problems older windows may have that allow energy to escape. If you would like more information about windows or to have your windows caulked to lower your energy bills, call a company like Brick & Mortar Restoration.


9 July 2018

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