Why Iron Railings On Your Porch Or Patio Are The Perfect Choice For Your Rustic Home

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Iron railings were a common fixture in upscale homes during the 19th century. They provide a timeless look while being very durable and easy to maintain. Unlike other types of railings, they will last for decades without the need for replacement as long as they are prevented from rusting by regularly applying a weatherproof coating and sanding away any rust as it appears. If you're looking for the perfect railing for your rustic front porch or patio, here's why iron might be the best choice for you.

More Durable and Easier to Maintain Than Wooden Railings

The major issue with wooden railings is that they will rot and splinter over time. Even with specially-treated wood and regular maintenance, you'll eventually have to replace your wooden railings. They also need to be regularly repainted, since the paint will eventually fade and begin to peel and crack. Splintered wooden railings with the paint peeling off on your front porch will reduce your home's curb appeal.

Rotten wooden railings are also a safety concern since rotten wood will easily snap and break. You want your guests to feel safe leaning on your railings without fearing that the railing will break and send them tumbling into your landscaping!

Doesn't Require Replacement Like Other Metal Railings

Powder-coated steel or aluminum is a popular choice for metal railings. It's less expensive than iron, and many companies offer this material in styles that look very similar to iron. It's also very strong and requires almost zero maintenance.

The downside is that the powder coating will eventually begin to deteriorate. The powder coating is responsible for the color of the final product, so this will reveal the base color of the metal underneath. How long it takes for this to happen depends on environmental factors — it degrades faster in rainy areas, especially if the rain is acidic. At this point, you'll need to replace your entire railing.

Two Types Are Available to Meet Your Needs

You can choose from either wrought iron or cast iron railings. Wrought iron is heated and then bent into its final shape using large amounts of force, whereas cast iron is created by pouring heated iron slag into a cast and letting it cool into its final shape. Wrought iron can be molded into any shape you wish, allowing you to create unique posts and balusters. Cast iron is less expensive, but you are more restricted in your choices.

With its durability and timeless appeal, iron railings are an easy choice for a rustic-style home. They can be installed on either concrete or wooden porches. If you're considering iron railings for your porch or patio, contact a contractor that has experience working with iron railings, as they are less common than wood or other metal railings and can have special install requirements that include welding and masonry drilling.

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6 April 2018

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