Need To Make Your Land Pay Its Way? 3 Tips For Using Selective Timbering To Offset Costs Of Ownership

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Owning a tract of wooded land can provide an excellent place to enjoy recreational activities like hunting, camping, and riding ATVs. Unfortunately, these activities are usually not income-producing, leaving owners to pay annual costs, like taxes and insurance out of pocket. If the land is mortgaged, its lack of income can be even more problematic, with the monthly payments creating financial stress over time. If you are a rural landowner feeling the pinch and wishing your property could help to pay its own way, selective timbering may be the answer you have been hoping to find, and these tips can help. 

Determine the amount of timber ready for harvesting

The first step in any selective timber cutting process is to determine the amount of timber ready for harvest and how much it is likely to be worth. To do this effectively, contact the nearest National Forest Service or county soil and land management office. In some areas, these services can arrange free or low-cost advice from a professional forestry consultant who can assess the type and amount of timber on your land and offer advice for creating a good selective timbering plan. 

Get bids from reputable loggers in your area

Once you have an estimate of how much timber you have ready for harvesting, the next step is to begin contacting reputable logging operations in your area. When seeking these bids, you will want to obtain several so that you have plenty to choose from. 

In order to get the most accurate bids, be prepared to accompany each logging company on a tour of the property, being sure to carefully explain your harvesting goals and any issues you are concerned about, such as asking how tree limbs and stumps will be handled and how logging trails would be cut through the remaining timber in order to remove the harvested logs. 

Consider all factors before choosing a logging company to do the actual harvesting

While getting as much profit as possible is an excellent goal, landowners should always choose a logging company based on more than just the percentage of profit being offered. Since even the best logging operations will change the look of the land, be sure to ask for references from past customers to verify the quality of work and the overall satisfaction level of their previous customers. Once you select a winning bidder, remember to carefully state all agreed upon terms in a written timber contract and have it signed by all parties. 

When considering any selective timbering process, taking time to research the process and ask questions well before any bids are offered, or timber is cut is the best way for landowners to learn more about the logging process and decide whether it is something they want to pursue. For more information, contact a company like Cruse Hardwoods


28 February 2018

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