Holiday Expenses Already Overwhelming You? 3 Tips To Earning A Few Extra Bucks Recycling Scrap Metal

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Now that the month of November has arrived, you may be looking forward to the fun of the holiday season, yet dreading all of the expenses that come with it. You may have already purchased expensive new Halloween costumes for your children and wonder if you will have enough cash to cover Christmas expenses after you purchase a full Thanksgiving meal for your family. 

If you think you may need a little extra cash to cover the costs of holiday expenses, then consider gathering and recycling scrap metal. This is a simple task you can perform in your free time that will not only help you earn a few bucks to cover holiday expenses, but also help you do your part to protect the environment by keeping metal out of landfills. 

Read on to learn three tips to getting started gathering and recycling scrap metal

1. Understand What Each Type of Metal is Worth

While all scrap metal has value, there are some types of metal that are much more valuable than others. In general, nonferrous metals are more valuable than ferrous metals. As a new scrap metal collector, it will take some time before you will be able to quickly determine what type of metal an object is made of simply by looking at it.  

However, by keeping a basic magnet with you at all times when collecting scrap metal, you can easily determine if a metal is ferrous or nonferrous -- simply attempt to stick the magnet to the metal object and, if it does not stick, that means the metal is nonferrous. 

While nonferrous metal values fluctuate on a daily basis, typically, copper and brass are the most valuable ones, so keep an eye out for those two metals any time you are collecting scrap metal; lead is also typically relatively valuable. 

While not as valuable pound-for-pound as copper and brass, be sure not to overlook the aluminum you find when collecting scrap metal. You will likely come across this metal relatively often during your hunt, so it could end up being your biggest money-maker in the end. 

2. Don't Overlook Items with Hidden Metal Inside

Many beginning scrap collectors make the mistake of only collecting items they know are made from pure metal and overlook other items that they don't realize have many metal components inside. There are many types of wire that have valuable metal inside, such as copper. 

In addition, if you find appliances or other household items while out hunting for scrap metal, realize that while they may not be made from pure metal, many have metal components that a scrap metal buyer will be happy to take. For example, some doors have aluminum casings that are very heavy in weight. Clothes washing machines and dryers also typically contain many metal components inside that, once removed, can be turned into a scrap metal recycling facility. 

Many electronic items are also filled with metal components, especially older televisions and computer monitors. After removing all of the metal from inside of them, don't forget to cut off their cords to turn into the metal recycling facility to get cash for the copper inside of them. 

3. Prepare and Separate Your Scrap Metals Before Recycling Them

Many new scrap metal collectors make the mistake of taking large loads of metal to their local metal recycling facilities without preparing the items well or sorting them. First, realize that you will likely get more cash for your copper wiring if you strip the wire and turn in just the copper itself. 

Also, realize it is very important to not attempt to turn into your entire load of scrap metal before separating the load into groups based on metal type. While all metal recycling facilities vary, many will weigh unsorted loads and provide payment to the scrap metal collector based on the value of the least valuable metal in the load. 

If you need a little extra cash to cover holiday expenses, then consider collecting scrap metal and turning it into your local metal recycling facility. Keep these three metal recycling tips in mind as you begin your new venture. 


2 November 2017

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