Window Options That Can Make Your House More Eco-Friendly in Summer

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Although you may not realize it, windows can lose more energy than almost any other part of your house; in fact, sometimes 40% of excess heat gain in summer comes through the windows. Not only does this make your AC work harder, causing your house to be less efficient and less eco-friendly, but it also costs you money! Here are some ways to make sure you install more eco-friendly windows that keep heat out in summer.

Tinted windows

Don't worry that tinted windows will make your house look unfriendly; you can now get tint that will leave the windows see-through but still block a major part of the heat that attempts to come through. You can also choose window tints that specialize in blocking UV rays so your furniture won't fade over time. Or you can choose tints that allow you to see out but make the windows appear dark on the outside. Be sure to do your homework before choosing; some window tinting options can affect your house's energy loss in winter as well as making it more eco-friendly in summer.

Double- or triple-pane windows

The only thing better for insulation than double-pane windows is triple-pane windows. These windows have twice the double-pane advantage and will significantly reduce heat loss or gain compared to single-pane windows. However, triple-pane are quite expensive, so, if you only have the budget for double-pane, go ahead and opt for those. Talk to a contractor like Robert G Miller Inc. about which windows are best for your home and budget.

Shaded windows

Although the type of window you install is important, its location is equally important. While having sunny windows are important to some, strategically shading your windows (or at least most of them) with nearby trees or bushes can help reduce energy loss at crucial times of day. Fortunately, you can also use strategies such as awnings and shutters for window shade if you don't want to have trees near your house for one reason or another (some homeowners are opposed to this because of leaves that could get in the gutter, not to mention the possibility of the tree falling on the house some decades down the road).

Another thing to consider is that if your window is prepared for winter. With insulation, like bubble wrap, heat will be blocked from entering and exiting. Most people don't consider the tradeoff to be worthwhile, though, since a bubble-wrapped window can be unsightly. However, if you use a combination of shade and window tinting and make sure you install double- or triple-pane windows, you should be able to significantly reduce heat gain during the summer without resorting to bubble wrap.


7 November 2016

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