3 Perks Of Installing Vinyl Siding

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Exterior remodels are especially smart if you're trying to add value to your home. If you live in a tract home community, you might want to make your home stand out from your neighbors. Vinyl siding is one way to completely alter the look of your exterior. This article explains some of the characteristics of vinyl that make it well-suited to residential siding. 

Vinyl is Waterproof

The best thing about vinyl siding is that it is waterproof. This basically means that it can withstand the weather and rain without any special treatment. That is, you don't need to paint, seal or stain it to protect it from water. In fact, even if your vinyl does get scratched, water will not damage it. Vinyl is the same consistency throughout. And, since most vinyl is solid and dyed the same color, scratches are not usually visible. Compared to other siding materials, you will save a lot of money on long-term maintenance.

Vinyl is Modular

Another advantage of vinyl siding is that it is so easy to install. It has a largely modular design, so most of the pieces can be attached to each other without any power tools. Because it is lightweight, it is easy to handle. Many homeowners have great success installing their own vinyl siding, even if they have no practical construction experience. It is sold in kits with detailed instructions that are easy to follow. If you do decide to install your own vinyl, you need to make sure you have enough helpers. Attaching each individual plank its much easier if you have one person on each end. But, the job will still go by very slowly if you only have two workers. With 3 or 4 workers, you can speed up the process and streamline many of the tasks. Whether you install vinyl siding on your own or leave it to the professionals, you'll be amazed how simple the process is.

Vinyl is Cost Effective

Vinyl siding is also cost effective if you consider how it will reduce your energy bills. When you install vinyl siding, you put it directly over your existing sidewalls. This means that you now have an extra layer of insulation on your home. It will protect your sidewalls from heat loss and create a valuable buffer zone between your interior walls and the exterior elements. You will certainly be able to enjoy reduced utility bills if you invest in vinyl siding.

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14 September 2016

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