Signs You Need To Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen cabinets suffer a great deal of wear, as they are constantly exposed to various foods, extreme temperatures, moisture, and a whole host of other variables within your kitchen. Over time, they can begin to degrade, ruining the aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen. Knowing the warning signs for cabinet wear can help you have your kitchen cabinets replaced.

Water Damage

Any signs of water damage are a clear indication that your kitchen cabinets have reached the end of their lifespan. Water damage can take many forms, such as warped or bent wood, bubbling paint or stain, difficulty opening and closing the cabinets, and even mold and mildew growth. The last sign is not only a sign that you need to remodel your kitchen, but is also a serious health concern, as mold can cause or aggravate respiratory conditions. If any part of your cabinets are soft, almost spongy, to the touch, you most likely have mold growth within them. Contact a contractor to have your cabinets looked at (it may be worth it, in cases of extreme water damage, to look for a leak in your roof as well).

Door Wear

Another clear sign that your cabinets are edging into replacement territory is if the doors of your cabinets are extremely worn and do not function as well as they should. This includes difficulty opening and closing, squeaking hinges or wood, and even faded paint or laminate. While these issues are sometimes only confined to the doors of your cabinets, in which case only the doors need to be replaced, they are often indicative of excessive damage due to wear or age that affects the entirety of your cabinets, even if that damage is not immediately visible in the rest of your cabinet. You should contact a contractor to have your cabinets replaced fairly soon, as wear can quickly lead to actual damage, cracks, or even broken doors.

Wood Thickness

Though not a sign of damage itself, you should inspect the thickness of the wood used to create your existing cabinets. Over time, the wood of cabinets can begin to wear down, becoming much thinner. When this happens, it is impossible to drill new holes to replace the doors of your cabinets. This means that, if your cabinets do ever become damaged, or even if you simply want to redo your cabinets for aesthetic reasons in the future, you will have to have your cabinets replaced entirely, as the wood simply will not hold up to any new work.

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24 August 2016

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