Why An Interior French Drain Could Be The Best Solution For Your Wet Basement

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There are a variety of methods for waterproofing your basement. Some work better than others, and some cost a lot more than others. When all things are considered, installing an interior French drain could be your best solution. Here's why it's better than some of the other choices.

Less Disruptive

An exterior trench and drain system around the perimeter of your house is also an effective way to correct a wet basement, but it is very disruptive and expensive. It is much easier and less costly to install the drainage system inside your home. That way you can avoid digging a huge trench in your yard that tears up your landscaping and requires a lot of labor and the use of heavy equipment. To install an interior French drain, the contractor busts up the concrete in your basement floor to create a small trench near the walls. The drain system is installed into the trench so water will flow towards a well and sump pump. While you'll have to put up with the sound of concrete being broken up for part of the day, the disruption to your routine and your property is much less than you'll encounter if you choose an exterior waterproofing method.

Effective And Reliable

A French drain is one of the most reliable methods of waterproofing. Water falls into the trench and flows away from your basement using gravity. When the level of collected water in the well is high enough, a sump pump kicks on and pushes the water out of your house. This creates a permanent, long-term solution to your wet basement problem. Other methods of interior waterproofing include using coatings or membranes on the walls to block water from seeping through. These methods are not completely trustworthy. They may work temporarily until you can save money for a more permanent solution, but there is a risk the coating or membrane will eventually fail, and when that happens, your basement will be wet again.

If you have a wet basement because of cracks in the foundation, you should have the cracks sealed with epoxy or some other type of filler. This helps prevent movement of the concrete that leads to further damage, and it also blocks water from coming through. However, temperature changes throughout the seasons causes expansion and contraction of concrete, and this movement is enough to allow water to seep through repaired areas. For that reason, it is a good idea to back up foundation repairs with an interior drain for a reliable way to keep your basement dry.

While an interior French drain isn't the only way to get a dry basement, it is one of the more effective, reliable, and affordable solutions. Your choice may depend on what you intend to do with the space. If you want to turn your basement into a family room or office space, you definitely want the waterproofing method you choose to be effective and permanent. To learn more, contact a waterproofing company like State Wide Waterproofing


4 August 2016

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