Is Rust Coming From Your Pool Rebar? Why This Happens And Tips To Get It Repaired

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If you see rust stains on your pool liner, it is likely your pool rebar has become rusted. Rebar is the steel reinforcements under your pool shell. It is an important part of your pool because it keeps the concrete stable after your pool is filled with water. The surface and the sides of the pool are covered with steel rebar. Rust stains from rebar are not only unsightly, but over time they can also cause extensive damage to your pool. Fortunately, if you take steps early you can stop this from happening. Below are some tips on how to get your pool repaired so it will look brand new again. 

What Causes Rebar to Rust

If the rebar is completely encased in concrete, it will not rust because concrete has high alkalinity. This alkalinity puts a protective coating over the rebar and neutralizes oxidation. If there is not enough concrete, however, the rebar will rust.

This generally happens if the concrete placed over the pool shell does not completely cover the backsides of the rebar. If this happens, a void is created within the pool shell giving the steel rebar a place to rust. Once the rusting starts, it will bleed to the surface of your pool plaster.

The rebar wires may also be the cause of the rusting. This happens if the concrete does not completely cover the wires and they are sticking up and exposed to the pool water. 

How Rusted Rebar Is Repaired 

You should contact a pool contractor to repair the rebar for you, as if not done correctly, you could cause further damage. To repair the rebar, the plaster has to be completely removed using a hammer and chisel. They will continue chipping away at the plaster until they get to the end of the rusted rebar. They will then cut the rusted piece of rebar out. They may use power tools to cut it out, or they may use a hacksaw. Once the rebar is removed, new rebar is installed. The pool contractor will place a patch over the area, and then reinstall the pool liner.

They may choose to repair the rebar dry or wet. It is much quicker for the contractor to repair the rebar submerged in water, which is why they may choose to do it this way. This saves you time from having to drain and then refill your pool.  If you have extensive damage, the pool contractor will like choose to repair the rebar while the pool is dry.

Even if you see only a small rust stain on the pool liner, this does not mean that the rust is only in this one spot. Underneath the liner, the rust could be much more extensive. This is why as soon as you see a rust stain, you need to take steps to get it repaired. If you have other questions or need pool rebar replaced, you can contact Diamenti Steel.


15 June 2016

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