How Custom Can You Go? Custom Building Options For Your Luxury Home Worth Considering

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Have you got plans in the works to have your dream home custom built by a builder? If so, there is no doubt that there are already a lot of options that you have been playing with and considering as you envision what your new home will look like. Before the final plans are made and the last blueprints of your custom luxury home are drawn up, you should know that your custom-built home could contain some pretty incredible features. Here are a few custom home building options for your soon-to-be dream home that would definitely be worth serious consideration.

Full-Service Wine Cellar

In the past, wine cellars have been little more than a spaced tucked away in the basement where you can store wine at the best temperature. however, many of the finest luxury homes now make the wine cellar more guest friendly with the addition of a small service bar, entertainment area, and even a small kitchenette where you can store fruit, cheese, and other snacks that pair well with wine. Having a full-service wine cellar means that you get the full opportunity to show off your prized wine collection and share your favorites with guests. 

Entertaining Kitchen

If you find yourself entertaining often, you already know how much of a hassle it can be to be the host or hostess when you really want to enjoy your company while they are at your home. This is partially due to the fact that while your guests entertain themselves in spots like the dining area or entertainment room, you spend a lot of time traveling back and forth to the kitchen to grab food and drinks. An entertainment kitchen is considered a custom home feature ideal for these situations. Boasting a larger-than-usual kitchen area and dining room combination, the entertainment kitchen is plenty spacious enough for guests to hang out while you prepare to serve them.

Wet Room

Far from the average bathroom, a wet room is one of those more modern ideas that has been previously reserved for places like spas or high-end hotels. A wet room is primarily a shower room, which is well ventilated and contains a sufficient drainage system in the floor. Several shower heads, usually mounted from both the ceilings and the walls and of varying types, adorn the space. Plus, the average wet room can be outfitted with streamers to transform the space into a spa with the flip of a switch.


6 April 2016

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