Simple Strategies To Keep Your House Warm When You're Waiting On A Furnace Repair

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A furnace breakdown can be a major inconvenience, especially when the temperature inside your home begins to drop. It's important to call a heating contractor right away to schedule a house call. During the visit, the contractor will assess the problem and then order any parts that will be necessary for the repair work. Although contractors can often arrange for next-day delivery, you might have to endure some time in which your home is cooler than you'd like. You can easily make this period more comfortable by using these three strategies that extend beyond the obvious ideas of wearing warm clothing and drinking hot tea.

Use The Heat From Your Appliances

Running a handful of appliances can pump valuable heat into your home at a time that you most need it. The obvious choices are appliances that produce plenty of heat, such as your oven. Think of some recipes that call for the use of your oven and when the food is cooked, turn off the oven but leave the door open to permit the heat to escape into your living space instead of being vented outdoors. Running your clothes dryer can also prove effective -- but if you typically close the laundry room door because of the noise of the machine, be sure to leave it open.

Use Your Curtains Wisely

When you're trying to keep your home comfortably warm while waiting for your furnace to be fixed, the curtains that cover each of your windows can serve as valuable allies. Get into the habit of opening them widely when the sun is out. When they're open, they'll allow the sun's heat to enter your home through the windows and increase the overall temperature. At night, though, it's important to close the curtains to avoid heat loss through the windows. Performing this task on each of your home's windows -- especially on sunny days -- can add precious heat at a time it's needed.

Close The Doors of Unneeded Rooms

If you don't expect to use certain rooms while you're waiting for your furnace contractor to arrive, close their doors to prevent the heat from the rest of your home entering these spaces. Heat from your appliances, lights and even your body can warm the rooms you're in, but there's no point in permitting this heat to escape into empty rooms. By closing the appropriate doors, you can salvage what heat you do have and keep as cozy as possible until your home's heat is restored.

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18 December 2015

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