Three Key Tips For Concrete Cutting


Whether you want to perform some work on your driveway, install evenly cut brick pavers for an outdoor patio or handle any sort of relevant work, you will need to consider some concrete cutting tips that will assist you. With this in mind, take advantage of some steps below that will help you to get the most of your concrete cutting needs.  

Tip #1: Choose The Best Saw For Your Concrete Cutting

If you're content to handle the work yourself, you will need to empower yourself with some tools to get the job done. In the case of concrete cutting work, this typically boils down to the type of saw that you are using. There are four main types of saws that people typically use in order to handle concrete cutting work. The first type is a wet saw. A wet saw continuously emits water that will negate dirt, dust and grime, making it easier to view your cutting area and work with precision. The second type of saw that you might use is the diamond blade. A diamond blade is incredibly sharp, which allows you the advantage of precision cuts and exquisite detail. The third type of saw that you might use is a walk behind saw. These saws are greater in size and are excellent for cutting a large piece of concrete. Finally, a cutting edge saw is best served if you have some tricky corners to cut and need precise angles.

Tip #2: Use The Right Safety Equipment

It is critical that you put safety first if you are planning to handle concrete cutting projects. You are working with some of the hardest natural building material available, so a flying piece of concrete can severely hurt or injure you. For this reason, equip yourself with steel toe boots, industrial-strength gloves, a quality set of safety goggles and headsets to block out the noise created from the saw. You may also want to invest in a quality mask, so that you are not breathing in potentially harmful concrete dust.

Tip #3: Hire A Concrete Cutting Pro

There's no shame in turning work over to the professionals if you feel as though the work is out of your realm of expertise. For best results, hire a licensed and insured specialist (such as one from Van Doren Red-E-Mix) that deals in the type of concrete cutting work that you require. This way, it will give you incredibly efficient work and their expertise will match with the stylistic vision that you have for the concrete you are cutting. Shop around for estimates from a handful of different concrete cutting professionals before choosing one.

Follow these three key points so that you are able to make the most of any kind of concrete cutting work that you might have.


1 December 2015

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