Implementing A Solar System For Your Well

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While your well can save you money by not requiring you to tap into your city's water, there are still reoccurring expenses. One of these expenses is the electrical cost of running the well pump. However, there are some cases where a solar panel can generate enough energy to where you do not have to rely on your utilities to supply your electricity. Solar-powered well pumps can save you money because it is less expensive than paying utility companies to run power lines to your well pumps. If you do not have power lines nearby, you will not need to have any installed. They will also lower your electrical bill. 

Finding Enough Sunlight

Many homeowners are concerned about cloudy days, but solar power is still generated when it is cloudy outside. There should be a battery-backup system for when the clouds are so thick that the solar panel cannot generate energy. However, the pump will need to run at a variable speed and will usually run at a lower speed when it is running off of the battery. You will likely not need a battery if you are pumping from a remote location.

While most kits come with one panel, multi-panel systems are sometimes needed if you need to pump a great deal of water or if the well you are pumping from is shallow. Also, you might need more panels for low light situations. 

Another way to handle low-light situations is to have solar pumps that store water in a cistern. The well pumps during the hours in which there is adequate light and the cistern is availabl for when you need it.

Purchasing The Components For The Solar System

Your solar energy kit will come with a solar panel, a structure to hold the panel in place, an electric pump and an electrical controller. When selecting the pump, find out the maximum depth that the water level can be. The well itself can be deeper, but the water level will need to be at the designated height when the pump is in operation.

Placing The Panel

The solar panel should be placed in a location that does not have shade. The altitude of the panel is not important, but if you keep the panel off the ground, you will make it easier to keep the panel from becoming buried in snow. Then, you will have a much more affordable well pump system. 

For further assistance, contact  local well pump professionals, such as those from Valley Drilling Corporation of VA.


28 November 2015

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