Tips For Adding Elegance To A Contemporary Bathroom

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Contemporary design typically features clean lines, a neutral color palette and minimalist décor. These hallmarks may seem at odds with elegant style. In fact, elegance often stems from an aura of refined simplicity. Blend the geometry of modern style with the luxury of elegant décor during your bathroom remodeling project. 

Upgrade Materials

Because of the minimalism associated with contemporary design, you'll need to have a restrained hand in adding a lot of decoration. Instead, spend your time -- and budget – on upgraded materials. The exact materials you choose depend on your overall style. For example, Japanese-themed bathrooms often feature cedar and natural stone. A modern bathroom has more glass, marble, and stainless steel.

Choose a Neutral Color Palette

Another consideration when selecting your materials and fixtures is color. Neutral without any bold addition is the preferred palette. So, don't be afraid to utilize white or other very light colors. For instance, ivory and pewter are very elegant together. If you do decide to add drama, keep it restrained. For example, add a single installation in warm brown to a beige and cream bathroom. Conversely, look to naturally elegant color combinations such as navy, silver and white. Whatever you choose, keep this palette consistent throughout the bathroom.

Play Up the Architecture

All bathrooms have architecture that's unique to them, whether it's large windows or a funky alcove. No matter the feature, work to highlight it with your design. For example, add hardwood trim to tall windows. Conversely, transform a funky alcove into a private steam room with an etched glass door. Elegance isn't about uniformity but rather about celebrating the beauty of your bathroom's unique character.

Promote Symmetry

Of course, symmetry is a hallmark of contemporary design. As you plan the bathroom's layout, look for ways to maintain a sense of symmetry. For example, utilize a wooden panel to provide extra privacy to the shower stall. Place a soaking tub in front of the panel with the tub filler perfectly centered. Add a pendant light directly above the tub. Another option is to bracket the vanity with tall glass shelves or hardwood cabinets. Indeed, consider doing both, if possible. This type of symmetry promotes that aura of refined simplicity that allows modern to mix with elegant.

Add Geometry

As Better Homes and Gardens points out, contemporary elements should emphasize form over color. Here's where geometry comes into play. So, when selecting fixtures, look for ones with clear arcs or corners. This includes any light fixtures. Likewise, take a step back when planning and take a look at how all the lines and curves work together in the overall design. Observe the shower stall with the vanity, and notice if their geometry is pleasing. This is how you promote that aura of elegance.

An elegant modern bathroom comes about when you blend symmetry and geometry with luxurious materials.


13 October 2015

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