How To Get Those Difficult Accidents Out Of Your Carpet


There are certain things you can get on your carpet that will automatically leave you frantic. Some things are considered extremely difficult to get out of carpet and you may imagine you are going to have a costly carpet repair bill in front of you. This article will give you helpful information on how you can remove some of the more difficult accidents from your carpet on your own.

Remove red crayon from the carpet

If you have had an accident with red crayon then you may feel as if this is the end of your carpet, especially if it is light colored. Red crayon is considered to be one of the hardest things to remove from carpeting. However, it's actually extremely easy to get it out if you go about it in the right manner.

You can take a large ice cube and wrap it in a clean rag. Hold the rag so your fingers aren't exposed to the ice cube, but so the ice cube is exposed. Place the ice directly on the red crayon and rub it slowly in circles. Before you know it, the red crayon and all traces of it will be removed from your carpet.

Get gum out of the carpet

If you get gum stuck in your carpet, don't panic! You can get it out so you won't be able to tell there was ever an accident. To remove gum from your carpet, you can also use ice. Take an ice cube in a clean rag and rub it right on the gum. As soon as the gum is hard and brittle you can take a butter knife and scrape it out of the carpet. If there are little pieces left, take a pair of scissors and use one of the blades in an upward motion to scrape it out.

Get red wine out of the carpet

To get red wine out of the carpet, you need to act fast. You want to add about a half a teaspoon of clear dish soap to a few cups of warm water. Pour a little of the solution directly onto the stain and use a clean rag to blot it up. Don't rub hard or you can work the wine deeper into the carpet.

By using the methods detailed above, you will have more success with regards to getting some of the most feared messes out of your carpeting. If you need professional help, however, contact a local service, such as Conscientious Carpet Care


29 September 2015

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