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Patios are a key part of many backyards. They are where many gather to socialize and to enjoy the backyard. Some homes have large patios with features such as fire pits and even outdoor kitchens. Other homes have patios that are simpler and that act as a place to put outdoor furniture. Upgrading the patio area is something that many homeowners consider. Not only does upgrading the patio area make enjoying the outdoors easier, it also can increase the value of the home. There are a variety of ways to upgrade a patio, and not all of them are expensive. 

Patio Floors

Long gone are the days where concrete slabs were the go to flooring choice for patios. There are a variety of materials that can be used for patio floors ranging from natural stone to wood. Changing up the patio flooring is also a great way to upgrade a patio. Natural stone can provide a resort feel to a patio area while wood can be rustic. Natural stone slabs can also be arranged in patterns that can add a special touch to the floor. While stone and wood are great choices, concrete is also still a great option. Concrete is less costly and can be painted and stamped to look like wood and even natural stone. 

Small Furniture Changes

The right patio furniture can really change up the look of a patio. Choosing pieces that can be grouped together to provide conversation areas is important. Also having cushions that are weather proof and comfortable is very important. Often when a homeowner wants to spruce up their patio they purchase a new patio set. In this case it is important to choose a set that provides enough seating and that goes well with the other elements of a patio. Another option is to refinish the existing patio furniture. This is a great choice for homeowners on a budget. Also rearranging patio furniture and adding new cushions is a great way to upgrade a patio with little effort or money.

Landscaping and Fire Pits

Keeping the area in and around the patio landscaped is a great way to upgrade a patio space. Flowers can provide color and visual interest to the space. Hedges and other bushes can make the area seem well manicured and can provide a sense of luxury. Adding a fire pit is another great patio upgrade. Not only do fire pits provide a place to gather round, they also provide a source of heat during the cooler months.

More than ever patios are becoming important parts of the home. Patios are great for enjoying the outdoors and for entertaining. With increasing focus on these outdoor spaces, making a few upgrades can be a good idea for many homeowners. Learn more by contacting companies like Ray's Four Seasons Sun Rooms.


7 August 2015

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