3 Troubleshooting Examples For Your Garage Doors

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No matter how spacious, durable and insulated your garage is, you will need to keep the garage door in the best condition possible for your garage to live up to its potential. Excellent maintenance and repair is needed for your garage to last over the years, providing you with the reliability that you need. With that said, there are some issues that you may come across with your garage door throughout the course of ownership. Look into these issues below so that you understand the root cause and how you can respond. 

Your Door Won't Go Back Down Or Is Stuck Shut

When your garage door is not working for you, either to pull open or to go back down, you will need to check into a number of different potential problems. For instance, it could be something as simple as checking the batteries that you have in your remote control. However, it may also be a matter of problems with your garage door sensors. If it is not a battery or sensor issue, pull the door open manually and make sure that nothing is blocking the track. It may be uneven or blocked by an object or debris across the door's track. 

Your Door Is Loud And Squeaky

If your door works, but is loud when it opens and closes, this can be more than a minor annoyance -- it might be a sign of more serious issue. The reason for this is that squeaky doors are typically the result of a lack of lubrication. When your door is not properly lubricated, not only will it squeak, it may begin to wear down and rust, which will eventually cause it to fail. Because of this, you should grab a can of garage door lubricant and apply it liberally across hinges and rollers. 

Your Door Hangs Loosely Or Lacks Tension

When you notice that your garage door is loose or lacking tension, it is a sign that you have bad springs. Your torque springs and extension springs are components of your door that allow the door to have strength and resistance. When you notice that the door is loose, you should immediately look into purchasing and installing replacement springs so that your door retains its durability and ability to function.

Consider these issues so that you are never in the dark when it comes time to troubleshoot your garage door. Don't hesitate to hire a garage door repair contractor who can help, such as Dependable Overhead Doors


24 July 2015

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