Follow This Roofing Checklist To Prepare For Springtime Storms


Spring can be a challenging season for a roof, with its high winds and rain. To prevent problems before they happen, go through this spring checklist, inspecting your roof for possible signs of damage and weakness. It's easier to have the problems fixed now than during the middle of a storm when your roof is leaking and your gutters are blowing in the wind.

Make sure the roof is free from leaves and other debris.

if you spot any debris on the roof, use a roof rake or broom to push it off. While you're doing this, keep an eye out for any missing shingles. Sometimes, missing shingles hide under piles of fallen leaves, since the leaves tend to settle in the lower spots.

Ensure gutters are tightly anchored to the building.

If the flashing that holds your gutters to the roof is coming loose, you may need to replace it or screw it back into the gutter. Plastic zip ties can be used in a pinch of a storm is coming and you don't have time to get the roofing contractor out before it hits. However, they are not as sturdy as metal flashing, so only use them temporarily.

Make sure roofing vents are screwed down properly.

If you have soffit vents in your roof, make sure they are tightly anchored to the roof with no screws missing.  Otherwise, wind and rain might get under the vent, causing leaks. You can likely replace missing screws yourself with just a screwdriver or power drill. If the vent itself is in poor shape, ask a roofing contractor about replacing it.

Look for loose tree branches overhanging the roof.

All it will take is a heavy wind, and those branches will crash down on your roof, potentially causing damage and leaks. Have them trimmed now, before the storms hit.

Ensure downspouts are not clogged.

If your downspouts are clogged, water will build up in your gutters, potentially damaging your roof and causing leaks. To check that your downspouts are working, pour some water down the gutters. If should run out freely. You can clear minor clogs yourself with a long stick. Major ones are often best handled by a roofing or gutter company.

If you run across any issues, such as missing shingles, loose vents, or loose gutters during your inspection, take care of them immediately. You never know when a storm might hit in the spring! Repeat this inspection checklist yearly to minimize damage to your home.


11 June 2015

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