Four Custom Features to Add Architectural Details to Your Siding Installation

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New siding can be a great improvement to your home, and there are many different materials to choose from. With any type of siding, there are also many choices for trim and custom details to add to your home. This can be things like patterns and custom features on gables, brackets, and large trim around windows and on corners. If you want siding for your home that is not plain, here are some custom features that you can have added to your siding installation.

1. Adding Decorative Siding to Roof Gables

If you have a roof design that includes gables or dormers, this is a great area to add detail to your siding. These areas can have decorative brackets installed, which will give your siding an attractive detail. The brackets here can have straight designs or you can have them done with arches and other architectural designs that you may like.

2. Installing Brackets on Eaves and Overhangs

You can also have timber brackets installed on overhangs and the eaves of your home. This can look good with a wood detail at the top of a gable. These timber details can also create the appearance of exposed rafters on the eaves of your home. These can be real wood, or you can get them in composite materials if you are installing vinyl or other materials on your home.

3. Trim Details for Siding around Windows and Doors

You can also add trim details to the siding around the windows and doors of your home. This does not have to be part of the window casing itself. It can be a wide frieze board that is actually part of the siding. This is a great way to highlight windows and doors and give them an attractive architectural feature.

4. Using Different Style Siding for Porches, Patios, and Entrances

If you want to have a contrasting look for your siding, you may want to consider using different styles of siding for areas like porches and entryways. If you are using a conventional vinyl siding with a lap design, you may want to consider using board-and-batten or shakes here. You can also use shake siding to wrap columns and give them a custom detail.

The siding on your home does not have to be plain and bland. With some of these options, you can add interesting custom details to your siding installation. If you are ready to have siding installed on your home, contact a siding contractor like Bramble Builders, Inc and ask them about doing some of these custom features for your home.


29 May 2015

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