2-Step Troubleshooting Guide For Fixing The Clanking Noise Coming From Your Garbage Disposal


When turning on your garbage disposal, you may have noticed a loud clanking noise. If your garbage disposal has been operating smoothly up until now, you could have an object caught in the impellers. If you suspect this could be the case, use the following two-step troubleshooting guide for fixing the problem.

Step 1: Use A Pair Of Tongs To Remove An Object

For this step, get a bright flashlight and a pair of long-handled tongs. Then, turn off the power to the breaker to prevent the garbage disposal from switching on while you are trying to remove the obstruction.

Shine the flashlight down the drain to see if you can visualize the object. If so, take the pair of tongs and try to grab it so it can be removed. While doing this, do not force the impellers to turn to loosen the object. This could damage the motor.

If you are able to pull the object out, turn the power back on. Run tap water while you flip the switch. If you still hear the clanking noise or did not remove the object, go on to step two.

Step 2: Loosen The Flywheel Under The Garbage Disposal

This step involves loosening the flywheel underneath the garbage disposal so the impellers will spin freely. This gives you a chance to remove the foreign object without the risk of harming the motor. You will need the offset wrench that came with your appliance. If you do not have one, check a hardware or home improvement store for a replacement.

After turning the power off, crawl under your sink and locate the nut at the bottom of your disposal. Turn it clockwise to loosen the flywheel to free the impellers. 

Turn the power back on and hit the reset button located beneath the disposal. Then, run water through the drain while you switch on the appliance. This could force the object through to remove it. If not, turn off the power and repeat step one with the flywheel still loosened.

After you have removed the object, turn the power off and tighten the flywheel.

After going through the above steps, you may still hear the clanking noise when you flip the switch. If so, you may want to have a professional that specializes in garbage disposal repair to take a look at it. They can then discuss the next course of action with you.

For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact Gold Seal Plumbing or a similar company.


28 April 2015

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