Camera Features To Detect Thieves Before They Even Enter Your Building


Having enough camera surveillance coverage to make sure thieves can't do their business without being caught on tape is useful, but it's hardly enough by itself. After all, the goal shouldn't be to watch them break into your business and steal your goods after the fact. The goal should be to detect them before they've done anything and then deter them from trying. To accomplish this, you need perimeter security cameras from companies like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc with some effective detection features.

Cameras with Speakers and Automated Messages

Being a professional thief is a rather stressful enterprise. Most of them rely primarily on stealth and being undetected to get away with their business. If you inform them loudly that they've been detected, chances are decent that they're just going to run rather than risk getting caught.

You can do this with a live monitoring service so that there's literally another person on the other side of the perimeter camera, but this isn't strictly necessary. It's possible to have a system that uses automated cameras with pre-recorded messages to deter thieves as well.

Motion sensors can detect when someone is nearby, and automatically deploy a siren or automated message as a deterrent. The system can also automatically inform security personnel or other employees of the potential threat.

The best place to put this perimeter security camera system is on fences looking outside in order to keep thieves from breaking into your store at all in the first place.

Geo-Registration to Reduce False Alarms

One problem with motion sensor systems is that you may have to worry about false alarms. Animals or garbage blowing by the system could set them off if they are operating on a simple motion sensor that's tripped whenever any object breaks its laser beam.

Since you don't want alarms going off and people being woken out of bed just because a squirrel ran by a camera, one effective solution is using cameras that are geo-registered to a scene. This means that the camera has scanned the area and knows what all the common objects in the area look like. It also means that the camera can detect the relative size of object.

As a result, the camera will be able to tell when there is a person nearby no matter how close or far away they are to the camera.

This will cut down on false alarms and ensure that only legitimate possible threats are addressed.


18 March 2015

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