Don't Forget Portable Toilets For Your Community Yard Sale

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Does your community have an annual yard sale, or is this your first? Either way, there are steps that your committee can take that will make this year's yard sale a great one.

Set The Date - With winter almost finished and gorgeous spring weather ahead, there are several options you can take. Spring break is one possibility, as kids will be home to help. If you think too many people will be out of town for spring break, still consider having your yard sale before Easter. That's when people are looking for good deals on spring clothes, on home decor to spruce their homes up after winter, and on yard equipment, as people prepare for their summer gardens.

Advertise - Just remember that the more people who come to your sale, the more money individual families will make. When you have your planning meeting, remember to budget for advertising. However, you certainly don't need to spend a lot of money to get the word out. Use handmade posters, flyers, and have older kids deliver flyers door to door.

Don't Forget Portable Toilets- Will you be using the community center parking lot for one massive sale, or will shoppers go from house to house? Even if your community center has a bathroom, you don't want the masses having to rely on it. Consider renting portable toilets (from outlets such as Mathena Septic Tank Service).

  • Portable rest room facilities have been around for a very long time and you can depend on them. In fact, company picnics, golf tournaments, county fairs and many other popular events use them because of their dependability.
  • You may be surprised that renting portable toilets is very affordable. The company that rents them to you will deliver totally clean units and, after your yard sale is over, the company will pick them up and sanitize them for the next renters.
  • The company can provide deodorizers and you can even rent hand washing units. Consider designating an area for men to use and a separate one for the gals. And, it's really smart to rent more portable toilets for the women to use than for the men.
  • Call ahead. Portable toilets and hand washing units are in great demand, so don't forget to order them early. Be sure to establish the exact place you want them to be placed and have somebody on your community be in charge of working with the people at the rental company on hand to meet the delivery people.

Congratulations on planning your community yard sale early. 


26 February 2015

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