Is Slate Roofing Right For Your Home?

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For years, asphalt-shingles have been the most popular roofing material on the market. While asphalt shingles are everywhere, they do not necessarily represent the best value for your money. In terms of appearance and performance, materials such as slate shingles offer a much better choice. If you are considering whether a premium roofing material like slate might be right for your home, you should weigh the cost of the material against the benefits it will provide for your home. 

The Cost of Slate Shingles

While the cost of roofing materials will vary from place to place, it is safe to say that slate shingles will cost vastly more than asphalt shingles. While the price for materials and labor is usually the main focus when you look at the cost of roofing materials, a further concern when you use slate is weight. Because slate is one of the heavier materials that you can use, you will need to make sure that your roof can handle the weight of slate. If you live in a snowy area, then you have to also consider the weight of snow build-up on your roof. If you have to upgrade your roof structure, you are looking at additional costs. 

The Benefits of Slate

The initial cost of a roof is an important concern, but it is not the only thing you should look at when you choose a roof for your home. You must also consider how frequently you will have to repair or replace your roof. Over the life of your home, a material that costs less initially can actually end up costing more money. Slate shingles can last for up to two-hundred years. Thus, buying a long-lasting slate roof can virtually eliminate the need to replace your roof down the road.  While you will still have some repair costs with slate, slate is a durable materials, so you should be able to decrease the frequency and the cost of repairs to your roof. 

If you are building a home, you should be able to fit the price of slate shingles into your mortgage. This means you will know from month to month how much you have to pay for your home. On the other hand, roof repairs and replacement are costs that come up from time to time and can put a real strain on your budget or create the need for you to incur more debt. By buying a slate roof, you can increase your financial peace of mind by reducing unexpected roofing costs.

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9 February 2015

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