Tips For Handling Heavy Construction Equipment On Site

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In the construction business, you'll need to have some high quality material handling equipment on hand in order to help you get the job done. This will provide you the opportunity to get items from point A to point B without having to worry about spills, breakage, contamination or workplace injuries. Whether you are in the market for new material handling equipment or want some tips on using that which you already have, you can benefit greatly from these tips. Follow these guidelines in order to keep your workplace safer and to reduce damage through proper construction material handling. 

#1: Never Overload Forklifts

Since forklifts do a lot of heavy lifting, you might be tempted to pile on a bunch of weight while ignoring the capacity limits. These limits must not be pushed, because not only do you run the risk of dropping and breaking the objects, but also you are providing unnecessary wear and tear on your forklift. Overloading the forklift is one of the primary causes involved in these types of accidents and must be avoided at all costs. This promotes a safer work environment and makes it so that you're not paying inordinate amounts of money to rectify the damage caused. 

#2: Remain Mindful Of Back Injury

Lower back pain is an injury that affects some 31 million people. This risk is compounded during construction jobs where heavy lifting is required. Because of this, you need to be sure that you take the proper steps to helping your employees ease wear and tear on their backs. This means a healthier and safer workplace and also prevents worker's compensation cases, which can become costly and leave you without able bodied employees. 

Stress some of the following information to the staff:

  • Lift with the entire power zone, which is from shoulder to knees
  • Avoid excessive bending over and never lift with your back
  • Wear a back brace whenever possible
  • Get help loading material handling equipment with boxes and crates, when necessary
  • Take breaks and know your limits

#3: Inspect And Clean The Workplace Frequently

A cluttered, accident prone work environment will make it very difficult to have incident-free success with your construction jobs. Because of this, you should have the site inspected by a third party professional so that you can eradicate safety hazards and give you and all workers peace of mind. 

Take full advantage of these tips for the betterment of your material handling equipment use and overall worksite safety. 


3 February 2015

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