Is Your Home's Plumbing In Good Condition? Warning Signs And What They Mean


Plumbing issues are one of the most dreaded problems faced by homeowners today. They are often costly to repair and seem to come out of nowhere. "Seem" is the key word there, however. The truth is that the most common plumbing problems do tend to demonstrate warning signs in the early stages before they become severe. A lot of these warning signs first become evident via your faucet, so that's the first place you'll want to search for signs of trouble.

A Leaky Faucet

Most people consider leaky faucets to be annoying. Other than placing a bucket under the faucet to catch the drips, however, most people don't really do much about them. That's unfortunate because leaky faucets are often indicative of plumbing issues that need to be fixed right away. Plus, they can make a person's water bill shoot through the roof.

Typically, a leaking faucet is one that has a misaligned or broken washer. If the problem has been allowed to persist for too long, a leaking faucet is indicative of a rusty water valve. It's best to take care of troublesome faucets quickly to keep serious damage from being done.

Strange Sounds

Just because a faucet doesn't leak doesn't mean that everything is A-OK with your plumbing system. Sometimes, faucets do other things to alert you to a problem, like make a hissing, buzzing, or screaching sound when they're turned on. If your faucet makes an unusual noise, there's likely some kind of issue with the internal pressurized air system. The water supply line may need to be adjusted because this sign is indicative of both extremely high and extremely low water pressure. So, if you hear a sound you don't like, contact a plumber, like Aalco-The Drain Doctor​, to come take a look.

Slow to Start

If your faucet is ever slow to start, often giving a little "cough" or hiss of air before it actually starts working, that's another big indicator you'll want to call in a plumber. A slow-to-start faucet often means that there's too much air in the pipes, making it difficult for the faucet to do its job. Fortunately, this problem is usually relatively small, like a small crack in one of your pipes. As long as you have it taken care of quickly, it shouldn't cause you too much grief. In fact, that's pretty much true of all plumbing problems. The sooner you have a plumber look at them and fix them, the easier and cheaper they'll be to fix for good!


8 January 2015

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