Four Tips To Cool Your Home More Efficiently This Summer


If your home is among the 2/3 of American homes that uses air conditioners, consider the four tips listed below to more efficiently cool your home this summer.

Ensure Your Air Conditioner Is Operating At Peak Performance

Don't wait until your air conditioner has broken down and you're on the phone begging a repairman to stop by sometime this week. Schedule regular maintenance appointments to keep your air conditioner running as it should all summer long.

Maintenance appointments are a lot less costly than emergency ones, and they can be scheduled at your convenience. Air conditioning professionals, like those at C B Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning, can catch problems with your air conditioner before they lead to costly repairs or even total AC replacement. They can also check refrigerant levels and ensure all parts of your AC are working as they should.

Clean Or Replace Air Filters Every Few Months

The more use your air conditioners are getting, the more often the filters should be changed. It is suggested to clean or replace your filters at least every three months for best results. Air filters do more than filter out allergens and other irritants—they keep the air flowing into your home as cool as possible. By taking proper care of the filters, you can reduce your air conditioner's energy consumption up to 15%.

Properly Insulate Your Home

When you have your air conditioner on, you want to trap as much of the cool air inside your home as possible. Close all windows and doors and seal any air leaks with towels or insulator strips. Use energy efficient window coverings—they allow natural light into the room, but they keep the cool air inside and the hot air outside.

The less cool air escaping from your home, the less you will need to rely on your air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. Proper insulation allows you to use your AC when temperatures spike during the afternoon, but keep it off for the rest of the evening because the cool air will be trapped and continue circulating throughout your home.

Increase Airflow

Don't crank up the thermostat every chance you get. Instead, place fans throughout your home to increase the airflow. Fans will push the cool air from one area of your house to another. This cuts down on energy costs and cools down your home quickly.

Beat the summer heat with the four tips listed above. When you take the time to properly maintain your air conditioner, you can keep it running as efficiently as possible. Combine this with proper insulation and airflow techniques and you'll be cooling down your home in no time. 


5 January 2015

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