4 Tips For Finding Your Perfect Lake Home

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Buying a lake home is the dream of many people. A vacation home on the water gives you the opportunity to enjoy all that nature has to offer, as well as a place of your own to build memories with your family and friends. If you're looking for a lake house, consider the following in order to find the perfect vacation home.

Look for a Home with Ample Waterfront Footage

The whole point of a lake home is being on the water, so you want to purchase a home with as much lakefront footage as your budget will allow. Not only will this give you and your family more shoreline to enjoy, it will also pay off in the long run, as lake homes with more waterfront footage typically appreciate at a higher rate than vacation homes with minimal lakefront footage.

Examine the Lot That the Home Is On

Many people believe that flat lots are better than steep lots, but in reality it depends on the types of activities you want to enjoy at your lake house. If a lot is flat, this usually extends under the water which equals shallow water. This is great if you plan to use the lake mainly for wading and swimming. But if you plan to spend time boating and want a dock, it is better to look for a steeper lot, which usually indicates deeper water offshore.

Look For a Home Designed to Highlight the Lake

Lake views are gorgeous, and one of the best things about a lake house is being able to enjoy these views from all of the main rooms of a house. It is often recommended that you look for a lake house that has large windows facing the lake, and many lake houses have the front door facing the lake instead of facing the street. 

Decide If You Want to Have a Dock

One of the greatest things about a lake house is being able to access the water. Many lake house owners choose to have a boat, which requires having a dock on the property. If you are interested in keeping a boat at your lake house, look for a property that includes a dock. But don't cross a house off your list because it doesn't have a dock—you can easily hire a dock builder, one like Abbott's Construction Services Inc., to create a custom dock that fulfills all of your needs. In addition to being a place to keep your boat, docks can also feature swimming platforms, dining areas, and lounging areas. If you have specific ideas in mind for your dock, it is possible to renovate an existing dock, but in some cases it may be best to start from scratch.


18 December 2014

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